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Help Shifting

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Hey I am still pretty new to the world of bikes, and I was wondering if it was something that i was doing or something I could do to correct it. When I ride and begin to stop it is difficult to get my bike to go into neutral. This is just for when I am parking I am always in gear at a stop light etc. If i am coasting to my parking spot and I am in second I have tried to just tap it down and to gently apply pressure, but it goes straight to 1st. Then bringing it up from first to neutral it seems like it just bounces over it. I also find sometimes when I start riding for the day that it is harder to shit gears than after about 10min of riding. Any suggestions on weather is me or my bike.
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My bike does the same. Harder to shift until warm. The engine and transmission uses the same oil, when the oil warms up it becomes easier to shift. What wt. oil is in it? The heavier the oil the longer it takes to warm up to shift smooth.
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