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help me choose, Jardine/Yosh/Two Bros.

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I've been lookin and tryin to decide and cant make up my mind whatsoever.

First question, do two bros have race/street baffles? or do they just have their own thing?

I want loud, but not D&D loud, so which sounds better?

Where should i look to get them? eBay doesnt have all that much anymore, and im lookin for some sites where i can get em at hella good prices.
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brentsR6 said:
i had a carbon M4 full system on my R6 and loved it. a bit on the loud side but it was an R6. check the M4 out.
i also have an M4 on mine and love it....also my buddy had an M4 on his f4i and it sounded great
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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