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Okay, so I just bought my first bike. It is a 2003 Honda CBR 600rr. I bought the bike lowered with the lowering kit AKA dog bone? (pic below)

I'm 5 feet even. I still tippy toe while sitting on the bike and I already did lost my balance once. I want to lower it at least one more inch so I can flat foot the ground which will give me more confidence on handling this beautiful beast.

My dilemma is, I cannot tell whether this dog bone is at its lowest stage or can it be lower anymore than what it already is.
IF it is at its lowest stage and CANNOT lower anymore, do I have any other option to make my bike lower?

Please help! I really want to ride my bike without having the fear that I will lean it to one side and my tippy toe wouldn't be able to handle the weight. I just don't want to drop her. :(

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