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Help!!! Front fork measurements needed.

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Couldn't find any answers with google, so I'll have to try it here:

I need measurement (as shown as on that hand-drawn picture) on following bikes, could someone please help me out with this?

- R1 2004-2006

- CBR1000RR 2004-2007

- GSXR1000 K5-6

- GSXR1000 K7-K8


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Just a heads up, the FZ1 front wheels are the same as that generation of R1 front wheels IIRC. We just converted an FZ1 to an R1 front end and have the 'wrong' color FZ1 front wheel and axle left over. Check out the FZ1 forums to see if they will fit and you may have found a cheap wheel setup. :beer
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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