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Don't tease the dragon
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We've got a new part for the CBR's, and I need a little tech help from the Honda contingent...
The part is a custom Brake reservoir cover. Our machinist made it to fit the F3, but knows that several models use the same cover. He believes the F3, F4, 600RR and VFR, as well as possibly a couple of other models will use the same cover...

Can someone confiorm this for us? We'll post pics of the covers soon!

Thanks in advance!
PJ and Paige

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I have a CBR600RR and a riding bud has a VFR800. I'll check this both weekend and let you know whether they are the same reservoir cover. If it helps, I could pop mine off and take a few pics. Let me know.


Don't tease the dragon
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Keith - thanks for the offer - but I got out to bike night last night and found that there are TONS of Honda's with the same cover.. I also had a buddy at the dealer run the part # in thier data base and found it fit about 15 models....
CBR1000F 87-96
NT650F 88-91
PC800 89-90 94-98
ST1100/A 91-02
CBR600F2 91-96
CBR600F3 97-98
CBR600F4 99-05
CBR600RR 03-05
CB750 91-93
CB1000 94-95
CBR1100XX 97-03
VTR1000F 98-05
VT750C/CD/CD2 98-01
VFR800 98-05
CB750 00-03
CB900F 02-05
FCS600 02-05
ST1300 03-05

PLUS the gold wings!

Now I just need to make the time to post the pics and offer them up!

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