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Hello... my name is...

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Hello.... My name is Deavin and... I'm a ridaholic. And, ugh.. Hmm.... Well my battery is dead right now now cuz i accidentally left the effing key turned to the right and now its dead!! (starts hitting desk slamming computer and screaming quite like YouTube - angry german kid gets a new computer haha. Finally gains control to inject a seringe into the right arm) Woooh ok. Now that I have gotten that settled. Well, I love riding motorcycles. I'm going through withdrawal right now. Will probably be able to ride this weekend or early next week. But anyways, I am relatively new to SBN. I have been riding streetbikes since 15. I currently have a Triumph Daytona 955 and I wuv it. Kinda want a new 675 though ha. I am a high school student, currently a senior. I work in fast food as of right now...... (but this is just short term) I hate it of course haha. I'll be off to college next year and it should be a blast. I like girls, kittens, dogs, and hanging out with my friends. My high school friends do not ride.... My college friends however do. I do have a youtube channel with spoofs, blogs, and all that great stuff check it out at YouTube - RawDiamondFilms's Channel Anyways nice to meet you all. I am looking forward to RA class with you guys. And hopefully I will be satisfied with just driving my car for the next few days. If you have any questions about me feel free to ask, I do not have any more needles or any weaponry on me at the moment just so your not afraid (har har). Oh, and I do have an xbox 360 with live. I don't really play that much though. Add me if you want :banana SystemaKid. My gamertag is Systema Kid, not System a Kid. Systema is a russian martial art if you were wondering. Kthnxbye :neener
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They don't teach paragraph structure in high schools in Indiana??

Oh yah, by the way, welcome to SBN.
No syr dey don ot. Dey don ort tch tyopin er spllng ederr syrbtch.
You're special. Go take your ritalin.
Trust me, my wife wouldn't like you any more than I like you...which isn't saying much.

It's blatantly obvious that you aren't very well developed for your age. You list it as 17. I'd guess at most you have the education of any normal 12 year old. What remedial classes are you excelling in while you're in high school right now?
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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