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Hello... my name is...

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Hello.... My name is Deavin and... I'm a ridaholic. And, ugh.. Hmm.... Well my battery is dead right now now cuz i accidentally left the effing key turned to the right and now its dead!! (starts hitting desk slamming computer and screaming quite like YouTube - angry german kid gets a new computer haha. Finally gains control to inject a seringe into the right arm) Woooh ok. Now that I have gotten that settled. Well, I love riding motorcycles. I'm going through withdrawal right now. Will probably be able to ride this weekend or early next week. But anyways, I am relatively new to SBN. I have been riding streetbikes since 15. I currently have a Triumph Daytona 955 and I wuv it. Kinda want a new 675 though ha. I am a high school student, currently a senior. I work in fast food as of right now...... (but this is just short term) I hate it of course haha. I'll be off to college next year and it should be a blast. I like girls, kittens, dogs, and hanging out with my friends. My high school friends do not ride.... My college friends however do. I do have a youtube channel with spoofs, blogs, and all that great stuff check it out at YouTube - RawDiamondFilms's Channel Anyways nice to meet you all. I am looking forward to RA class with you guys. And hopefully I will be satisfied with just driving my car for the next few days. If you have any questions about me feel free to ask, I do not have any more needles or any weaponry on me at the moment just so your not afraid (har har). Oh, and I do have an xbox 360 with live. I don't really play that much though. Add me if you want :banana SystemaKid. My gamertag is Systema Kid, not System a Kid. Systema is a russian martial art if you were wondering. Kthnxbye :neener
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Show us some video of you doing mad wheelies!
Hahahaha. I actually am not quite as insane as I made myself sound in my little paragraph haha. I was thinking about getting some video of me doing some wheelies. All my bike can do is 1st gear clutch wheelies seeing as though it is geared for top speed :( I can ride it up from 15mph all the way to around 55-60 though :banana
Hey Deavin! :welcome to SBN :)

I'm jealous your parents got you / allowed you to get into motorcycling at the age of 15!

Yeah I am pretty fortunate to have parents who are also avid motorcycle riders. My dad rides a ducati 907 and GS1100G. Both absolutely gorgeous machines. My mom used to have a Ducati 900ss that I also loved. Thanks for the replies guys
They don't teach paragraph structure in high schools in Indiana??

Oh yah, by the way, welcome to SBN.
No syr dey don ot. Dey don ort tch tyopin er spllng ederr syrbtch.
Yer wive tllsme iyam spcaillllllll!
Seeing as though how much of a creeper you are, I figured you would have realised that I have a project on my youtube channel that was actually for an Honors American Literature class.
I like your helmet scythe!

And Ricky boy, if I have to see your music video one more damn time....
welcome to SBN
don't worry if some of us get a little flustered
it's just the way this community is :/

Thanks man! And may I add that I am quite jealous of your motorcycle! I am thinking of getting a 675 as my next bike.
Your first motorcycle at 15? Im definately jelous my parents didnt buy me a motorcycle or paid for my insurance :(

But in all seriousness you definately missed where your post is supposed to go, and the AA ridaholic is a lot like TalkOfDC's thread awhile back. Someones been lurking and taking notes...
No I learned how to ride a streetbike at 15. Didn't get my own till 16. And I have a job for my expenses haha. And no, I have not been lurking and taking notes lol. I made it up on my own, but I know its probably very easy to have pretty much the same ideas regarding it. And Sorry, all my paragraphs from here on out will not be intended to look like some crack addict wrote it. I thought this was the open forum, so I figured this is where my display of retardation should go. My apologies.
So what? Its called living at home and having no other expenses. As long as you don't blow ALL your dough on stupid crap is easy.

Welcome n00b. You'll find there is a high concentration of ball busters here and you're handling it right. :banana

Yes, and my bike was fairly cheap as well. The owner wanted to just get rid of it because it was his friends who died of a heart attack prior to that.

And thank you sir. I feel that I kinda need to not live up to the expectations of being a 17 year old cunt biscuit, so I am doing my best to restrain myself when reading all these negative nancy comments. Hope to have some nice discussions/debates with you later on. Peacee.:cheers
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