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As advised, I'm here to declare my newness and play a little show 'n tell.

32, raised in San Diego, I'd like to think I know a good road or two around the county. I enjoy occupying the limited free time I have on those roads, whether dirt, street, or a mix. My friends and I enjoy Photography and will end up with gear on our rides most of the time. Always cool to capture the moments. My Avatar pic is a personal favorite a buddy snapped of me.

Have a few toys, some cleaner than others, others in a stagnant line for a clean rag rub. Suzuki GSXR 1000, and a GSXR 750 that has seen better days, Triumph Speed Triple 1050cc, Honda CRF450, and a Yamaha FX SHO that I enjoy Spearfishing from in our local waters.

Now lets go ride and I don't care where!
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