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If anyone was out at Fontana this past weekend you might have seen/met me. My name is Kim and I have recently joined up with Fastrack to help with the Las Vegas area events/track days, etc...

In the near future I will be organizing special prices, discounts, and/or other promotions for members of the Las Vegas (and possibly others) riding community and all you have to do is come and say hi at next weeks track day.

I am fairly easy to find as I will probably be doing registration in the morning. But stop by in the afternoon and feel free to introduce yourself.

Also if it would be alright amongst the members here, I would love to come out to one of the monthly meets and answer any questions for those who are not familiar with Fastrack.

If there is anything else I can do or you have any questions please call me at 702-358-2436

See you next weekend!!!
June 24-26 LVMS
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