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Headwork (Porting and Polishing) ???

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My 01 CBR929RR is in about 10 pieces right now (including fairings and all that). Haven't removed the engine yet because I MAY not have to. Now, I may end up needing to replace the head. I found one for $120 shipped (just the head, cams, missing 3 buckets, no shims). I'll be able to use all my old hardware as well. My question is, do you think it would be beneficial to get the newer head ported and polished? I'm not sure what all of my options are but if the price is right, I may end up going for it. The engine mods on the bike include PCIII, Ignition Advancer +4, Akrapovic Slip-on, plus the sprockets are 1 tooth down in the front and 2 teeth up in the rear. If I end up replacing the head, since I'll have the head in my hand to bring to a shop and have some work done, do you think I should go for it and what are my options?

Thanks guys.
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As long as it is a competent shop and you plan on a dyno tune, i would definitly do it. A b***** cam will really pull all the power out of the head.
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