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Heads up @ Da Beach!

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Heads up @ Da Beach! Now with pic's 7/27

Trying to get more out to both the Hooters Wednesday bike night 7/21 7p. Wilmington. The Myrtle beach Doghouse stunt team is going to try to show up. Then next night Thursday 7/22 7 or 8 p.m. ish the stunt guys and some extreme team and possibly a few from east coast stunters, dark riders, I'm not 100% sure on the team names. Any way, they are performing at Doghouse North in North Myrtle Beach, near the DollHouse, Lake Arrowhead Rd.
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Wish u culda made it, some pic's?

it was dark so I touched these up a bit. Still I never time it right to catch the "good stuff". Like the smokin' blond in the tight overalls and tiny top with big tata's, she was stuntin' a 4 wheeler? I just liked it when she jostled (perv alert) It was fun. Most of all that Dave, owner of the Doghouse, stunts too, gets right out there and gets dirty with the crazy boys! Now that is supporting your team!


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