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Headlight options for '97 9R

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I have an option for dual headlights that I am considering, but am weighing all my options. I know about the 7R look alikes as well. I thought about just replacing the headlight only from my wafer style lense to the '98-'99 clear lense style. Will the clear lensed '98 and '99 headlight fit into the '97 upper?Does anyone know of any other lighting options for the '97 9R? Thanks!
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Ok, I lied. The 7R headlights I know of are only made for '98 and up. Does anyone know where to find them for '97? Are there no other options for the '97 for headlights? I either want a clear lense single or duals. Please help if you know where to find them. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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