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If anyone would like info on how to do this mod with a relay, please let me know. It is quite simple, and you get both low lights normally, but when you switch to high the RH low turns off. This alleviates (for me) any worry of overtaxing the electrical system, or burning the bulb too hot. I also have the factory wiring diagram, and there seems to be no "euro" wiring left in the US model to do this any other way.

virtualt said:
This conversion does not work for the USA spec FZ6 as the wiring is somewhat different.

Here is what a lot of people have done:

"Simply run a wire from the bottom terminal of the
left headlight bulb (sitting on th bike) to the middle
upper of the right bulb, and whammo, both lights on and
still has the main beam in the right hand light set."

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