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Bike currently has 11.5kish miles. Bike has also recently been plastidipped the flat black neon yellow combo. The bike is candy red and silver under neath.

I have owned the bike since mile 1. I bought it as a left over in October of 09. I have done all the maintenance and up keep. Bike had the recalls on it before I got it. Has always had motul 300v Full syn run it it. Oil changed at 50/250/ 500/ 1000/ 2000 and every 2000 miles after that. Always had KN oil Filters. Never found any metal in the oil. Always garage kept on stands. Brand new pilot power 3's on it.

Bike has never been crashed, Bike did come loose in the trailer when i moved to fl. We think it was on the speed bumps entering the apt complex i live in, meaning it was on its side for about 1/4 of a mile. The scratched side fairing was replaced, bike does have a few small scratches on the tail fairing and the a passenger seat has a small rip. Also has a dime sized dent in the frame, doesn't effect anything as I learned because i was freaking when it happened. But if you ever put it down and want her totaled out you could do it for "frame damage", For the tools who think I'm lying and that I crashed it and fixed it please come look at it. I also have multiple pictures of it when we opened the trailer, as I was debating an insurance claim. Feel free to ask any questions. I am not hiding or lying about anything.

The bike has just about every modification possible done to it with the exception of suspension, I just ran out of money/found other hobbies. And i am not good enough to out ride the stock suspension once I set it up for myself.

List of Modifications (I am sure I am missing something)
Marchesini Wheels
520 Chain/Sprockets -1/0 gearing
Custom made G.P.I. combo Speedo Healer
Touring style windscreen, also have a double bubble
Throttlemeister bar ends.
RSC Super easy pull 1 finger clutch
HM Quick Shifter
Taylor Made Exhaust
PCV with custom Map
The module that opens up the extra horsepower on the top end, For the life of me i cant remember what its called right now.
Vortex Rear Sets
Honda Energy Seat
Rear Brake relay wired so rear brake alone activates brake light
H.I.D. Headlights both high and low
Speigler brake lines
Fresh brake pads 1000 miles ago
Taylor Made rear hugger
Custom Taylor Made Undertail with turn signals added
Flasher Relay to make the LED Turn signals blink at a normal rate
After market chrome turn signal bulbs in the front mirrors to take away the fried egg look in the light
Custom CNC Front sprocket Cover
Passenger peg easy access block off plates
Battery Tender with Cigarette lighter so you can charge your cell phone (has a fuse in it so you cant fry your phone)
BMC Race Filter
Intake Flapper Deleted

And a nice 1080P Youtube video; I'm not sure why i kept tilting the camera, but I'm too lazy to go take another video right now

2008 1000rr Taylor made nice bike - YouTube

feel free to email me any questions, Can send high resolution images to anyone that wants them.
Would consider partial trades for a 600 + cash or a supermoto + cash; maybe even a dual sport.

feel free to text me at the - 5 eight five-31 five-one zero four5
Location: Rochester NY

Cash 9000 OBO

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