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happy birthday =)

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hey chris (calculusballer) just wanted to say happy bday and congrats on bein 21 hope your friends are takin ya out and gettin ya drunk
:alky :alky :lol
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Happy birthday buddy.
We just got back from taking him out and he was def. wasted, so mission accomplished.
Happy Birthday.

Boooo, I suck.....I fell asleep.....Sorry Chris. You can punch me when you see me. I am sure Andy helped you party like a Rock Star anyway... :)

Happy B-Day, streetfighter! :twofinger

Hey thanks all! I can't wait to go buy my first 30-pack of Old Style

i wish i was kidding :)
I have 4 Old Style left over in the fridge from a party last month, we should have a sh*t can beer night. Sad thing is Schlitz Malt Liquor is my favorite beer, then Blatz (7.98 a 30 pack).

happy birthday!

i remember the day i turned 21... well parts of it anyways. :)
Happy birthday, Time to go to the titty bar :leghump
snoflk said:
Happy birthday, Time to go to the titty bar :leghump

We tried to go to Art's actually, but they were only open for 15 more minutes. :a2
dont go to "rickys on state" unless you want to see a freak show. ive heard the "dancers" there are missing teeth, hair, and medication for all the std's they have.

unless of course youre into that type of scene.
OHH GOD not Art's or Ricky's on state I've gone to a few of them and if I won't go in it's because I know the girls are ugly. I like APL but thats cuz I work there, On the border is nice as long as you don't let them give you table dances you didn't agree on, and I can't say I like or dislike Silk cuz I only went twice.
Happy 21st Birthday Chris! Sounds like you had a good one.
snoflk said:
I like APL
Whats APL...

... nevermind, I figured it out...
Jokertlr said:
Whats APL...
youre gay :gay :)
Happy birthday, hope you enjoyed it.
davisa said:
youre gay :gay :)
Because I don't go to any of the lame Milwaukee strip clubs... I'll take Baby Dolls or Cruisin Chubbies over local tittie bars any day.
calm down big guy i just poking ya with a stick.

i havent been to a "gentlemans club" since i turned 21. those whores robbed me. they knew i was drunk off my ass and took advantage of me. i spent my whole check that night in singles (back when i was making more cash than i knew what to do with) and dont have any good stories to tell. except im banned from going to whatever the one on greenfield is. apparently, i told the girls i wasnt paying them anymore because they werent dancing to my specifications. that and the fact they didnt want me sleeping on the floor anymore. bastards!
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