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Happy Birthday FZ1 Matt!

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Sorry it took so long into the night, but I just noticed!


Riding anywhere special to celebrate?
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Thank you thank you. It was good. I went with my girlfriend to Two wheel Tuesday then went home and had some cake. It was kinda chilly out there today.

I am now the owner of a JVC mini DV camera! I have some reading to do on how it all works but it's pretty cool.

My parents got me a full autocom system! It hasn't been delivered yet though but this is going to be another thing I'll have to research the hell out of to figure out how I can make it work.

I also will need to revamp my Electronic farkle bag TM and install this in there somehow.

That autocom unit is the best of the best. I feel bad that my girlfriend and my parents spent so much money on me. They all mentioned a golden birthday being special. I'm glad my birthday's on the 25 then. If it was on the 5th and I got all this fancy stuff when I was 5 I'd really have no idea what to do with it all lol.

And no, I haven't bought myself another bike. Maybe I'll skip that this year, but you know how it is. I really like Hayabusas. I like FJr 1300's too. I also still like the idea of buying a rashed GSXR1000 or something and making a streetfighter.
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