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GSXR1000 K9 strange engine sound

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Hey guys.. the bike is running fine but i am hearing this sound from the day I bought this bike 8 months ago.. sound increase a bit on passing 5000 rpm while riding and when you pull the clutch in it decreases to the sound in like in this video (sound on idle)... can anyone identify what the sound feels like? Is it CCT or tensioner or anything else?

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Internet diagnosis is always tough. Could just be normal cam chain noise. Any history from the PO? Service records or known work done in the past?

Typical cam chain slap will go away when you back off the throttle or go on throttle, but is most noticeable at idle. I don't know what style CCT your bike uses, but some Yamaha's have oil & spring tensioned CCTs, others only spring. If the spring breaks or weakens, sometimes they fail to move out as wear occurs and you get more noise. Typically this will get progressively louder long before it fails. If you notice your noise increases over the next few hundred miles or so, you may want to get the dealer to listen to it, and document that visit if you have any warranty.
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