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I have both for sale. The front seat is off an 03 1k model. It is absolutely mint. I bought it as a set with the rear, and was told it came off when the bike was new, as it was prepped for race and the seat was changed. Based on condition, I'd have to believe that. I will sell for $90 shipped.

The 03 gsxr 600 seat...well, I was told that it would fit on my 1k, but it didn't. It wasn't the seller's fault, it was actually the local dealer that said it would fit. Either way, I figure if I sell it I can get my money back from it. I will sell for $80 shipped. It is mint, but for some reason somebody took the band off of know, the one that's useless for anything at all except hooking your sunglasses on it when you pump gas or something like that...

I can try to get pics of these sometime, but I guarantee that they are in the shape stated. The last thing I want is somebody shipping something back to me because I misrepresented it or didn't disclose all the info about it.

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