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Hey guys, i am new here and to the world of bikes so here goes my q.
I bought a 92 GSX600F from ebay, and the guy said it was garaged for a while, so i took it to the motorcycle shop they told me it needed a carb cleaning.. They did it, but i still having two problems.. Lets say i am doing 30 mph and i hit the breakes to hard, the bike would turn off? Or if the bike is on and i shake it hard it will also turn off..
I always try to have the acceleration ratio at 1/2 rpm or 2 at the most.. But sometimes it will go up by itself to 4rpm 0r 5.. That only happens when i am parking the bike, and i turn it right and left, well if turn right it will go up to 4 and if i turn left it will go down, and sometimes it will stay at 4 rpm. I asked a guy at the motorcycle shop, and he said it may be the throtle cable, since they fckd me with 380 last time and my bike still sound the same i decided to try to reroute the cable my self. And so the cable seem to be fine, loose enough to not get pulled when u steer right or left.. Any ideas pls?
I dropped it 3 times already, but only the left fairing got the damage and the clutch caliper i don't think this is causing the prblm thg cause it was already doing that before i dropeed it.. Thanks for taking the time to read my problem and i appreciate your help..
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