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My name's Jack, and I live in the back, of the Greta Garbo home for wayward boys and girls. Or so the song goes.
My name is John and I live in Mackay, Queensland, about 2000km (1250mi) north of Sydney in Australia. I've owned from new and ride an '03 Honda Transalp XL650V, which isn't very sportsbike like, but due to the dodgy roads we have around here and the lack of corners, it does me just fine. 4 months ago I sold my Buell XB12X that was great fun when it was going, but had more problems than the average Buell so I sold it when the warranty ran out.
I'm a train driver these days but until 5 years ago had spent 28 years as an electrician repairing and maintaining locomotives. I've been happily married to the same woman for nearly 27 years, and we have 4 grown kids and 10 grandkids, who keep me busy and broke.
I've joined in the hope of picking the brains of those who can help me with my current motorcycling dilemna.
BTW it's raining here in Australian "Sunshine State" and has been for over a week.
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