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mercutio80 said:
Mine is the EXACT same color. I was originally going to go with hi-viz with black patches but heard the hi-viz picks up dirt quickly. So, I got the black with hi-viz.

So far, I've ridden in 95 degree weather with no problems. Hot at lights, but I'm usually out in the country and carry water with me.

I also bought the hip and back pads. Does anyone know if the back pad counts as a back protector for track days?
I ride track with TPM and they require a hard back protector, so I doubt the 'stitch back protector would qualify. Also, while I love my hi-viz yellow and grey 'stitch (to match my yellow and grey K12rs :) ) for the street, I wear leathers on the track. - Steve
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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