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Don't waste you're money on this piece of shit. I ended up buying the Gorilla over the Scorpion because I could save $100. Big Mistake!!

I purchased the Gorilla 8017 with the 2 way pager. Installed everything correctly but there was no communication with the pager. Called customer service, they were very friendly and accommodating, but I had to pay to send the unit back. They tested it and determined the pager unit was defective so they sent me a new one, BUT I STILL PAID TO MAIL A BRAND NEW UNIT BACK TO THEM AND THEY DIDNT REIMBURSE ME FOR THIS! WTF!!??

Everything is now installed but the "tilt sensor" is a complete piece of garbage. It has to be placed at an EXACT angle to work properly, but RIDING the bike (who would ever do that?) causes the tilt sensor to lose it's baseline and the tilt sensor won't work once you park the bike after riding it.

Spend the extra money and buy anything else!
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