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GoPro WIDE mounted on TAIL. Riding through the twisties

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YouTube - GSX-R 600 Go Pro Wide Tail mount - Mexico Twisty Run

Go pro hero wide mounted on the tail with the suction cup. Do it right, and she will HOLD TIGHT. Yes I know my body positioning needs a little work!
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I thought it was pretty cool, other than the blatant lies of being in Mexico and riding in a closed course. I'm pretty sure none of us care, and if any of us do... we are sissys.
lol its just a stupid dumb disclaimer. I see youre from Sac what part? I lived there all my life before I joined the military and went to texas. I didnt ride in sac, i regret it, as there are some awesome roads out there.
El Dorado Hills, but I commute to Sac State on the bike for school :D
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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