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GoPro WIDE mounted on TAIL. Riding through the twisties

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YouTube - GSX-R 600 Go Pro Wide Tail mount - Mexico Twisty Run

Go pro hero wide mounted on the tail with the suction cup. Do it right, and she will HOLD TIGHT. Yes I know my body positioning needs a little work!
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I thought you said twisties?
haha in his defense, the wide angle lens of the GOPRO makes twisty roads look straighter, all of the roads I ride are very twisty and when I record my rides the roads look tame
listening to the audio it sounds like sweepers to me. Incredible resolution though.
Yeah theyre more sweepers than actualy twisty mountain or canyon roads. In West Texas, thats the best we got. Its just flat desert out here.

Yeah my BP needs work. Im going to take her out for another session and make some changes.

My GSXR tail section has always been a little flimsy. Im sure if I secure it more it could reduce vibrations.
I can relate, I moved from VA to FL and often ponder the purpose of even owning a sportbike in this state.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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