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from local board. this happens alot more then you think........

SecretAgent said:
Ok, some of you may know my friend james. he posts under the SN candyblue600rr. his bike is obvious. he was out riding last night and lost control. when his friend arrived on the scene, the bike was stuck in 4th gear at 8500rpm, about 130mph roughly. James does not remember the accident, nor how it happened or what happened directly before it, or a few hours after it. He was only wearing a helmet. He suffered a minor concussion (possibly more, but i hope not), a broken left wrist, and road rash over probably 50-60% of his body. The bike is a complete loss. Completely unrepairable.

This was his first bike. He's put about 2000 miles on it, and is a fairly competent rider, as long as nothing goes wrong. He was very proud of his "skills." He felt he had "mastered" the bike, he even thought he was ready to move up. Just goes to show you, you never can ride as well as you think you can. Such a common beginner mistake, that too many people are unwilling to accept, or too inexperienced to know just how much, they don't know. Please everyone, LISTEN TO ME. If you are going to treat the road as a racetrack, use racetrack rules, wear full gear, there's not a track in the world that will let you run without full gear. Jame's injuries would have been extremely minor if it wasn't for the fact he didn't have gear. Without it, he's lucky his family wasn't making a trip to the morgue to identify his body.

His attitude was just like everyone's here wanting to get a 600 ss. he thought he could handle it, he thought he'd be fine. and yes, he has picked up on things really fast. BUT, when, not if, something goes wrong, he doesn't have the experience to avoid the worst. He took the MSF class, passed it with flying colors, but that doesn't mean you know everything about riding a bike, like some may think it does. It's a starting point, nothing more. It gives you the techniques, and basic skills to become a good rider, passing the class doesn't make you a good rider, only experience and the diligent learning process.

If you don't care what happens to you when you go out riding, and when you fall, it's your fault, and you take the blame for it, so you don't care what any one else thinks....think about this. James' family spent the night in the hospital last night worried sick about him. His poor grandmother had to go through all this AGAIN. All of his friends have been worried about him. If you don't care what happens to you, think about what happens to your friends and family. Sure, you can handle it, but can they??

Everyone please keep James in your hearts and prayers. And PLEASE ask yourself, do you really think you can handle that 600cc sportbike? Don't find out the hard way. start small, start smart. there's more than enough time for you to get a sportbike, no need to start out on one. Please guys, be safe.
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