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Good deal ?? 1998 Yamaha YZF 600R

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Hi guys,

Im new to riding and found this deal online, i was wondering if it's worth it even though i wont have my full license until May 2010. The guy is willing to part with it for 2500$ Canadien and it is in perfect condition with 11,000 Km on it. There is barley a scratch on it.

He is also willing to store it for me all winter. Should i jump on this or wait for a better deal ?

Lemme know guys !


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First off: My condolensces for living in Quebec

Secondly: Before you seriously look into any bike, find out what the insurance and plating costs (which are different in quebec than the rest of canada) are, since getting insurance on bikes is stupidly expensive. You're over 25 so that helps but it still blows.
I'm in Ottawa and daily browse craigslist, here are some from Toronto (only 4.5 hours from Mtl roughly - definitely worth a 45$ greyhound ticket for a good deal. Many more bikes there for sale than in Mtl or Ottawa). I tried to keep the price fairly low.

CBR 600 F4 for sale 3000 or best offer

2000 CBR F4 *MINT*

2001 YAMAHA R6


CBRF4s (not F4Is so much) seem to go quite cheap, and are still great all-around bikes.
Grats man! Send me a PM if you're ever in the Ottawa area and want to go riding!
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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