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Good deal ?? 1998 Yamaha YZF 600R

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Hi guys,

Im new to riding and found this deal online, i was wondering if it's worth it even though i wont have my full license until May 2010. The guy is willing to part with it for 2500$ Canadien and it is in perfect condition with 11,000 Km on it. There is barley a scratch on it.

He is also willing to store it for me all winter. Should i jump on this or wait for a better deal ?

Lemme know guys !


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That's a good deal of bike for not much money. If it was me, I'd take a test ride, get a mechanic to give it a once-over (check compression, signs of poor storage, etc.), and if it rides well and the mech says it's sound, jump on it.

It is a bit much for a beginner bike, but if you have decent off-road experience, you'll probably be OK. As my dealer says, you just have to exercise "more discretion than throttle".

... Personally I never understood the big deal about starting on a full sized bikes. It only goes as fast as you twist it and it has much better brakes and suspension than most if not all the smaller bikes.
Yes, it only goes as fast as you twist it, but on a supersport it's very easy for a beginner to twist it faster than he intends to. Being a bit older and tamer than the newest ones, this isn't quite so extreme, but it still has plenty of power and braking to really loop it if you aren't careful with your inputs. And one of the things that most beginners need to practice and learn is fine control of inputs.

I very much think it's a good idea to start with a less sensitive bike than this for genuine beginners, although the OP has good dirtbike experience, so has practice in fine control of his controls and would probably be OK.

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