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Good deal ?? 1998 Yamaha YZF 600R

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Hi guys,

Im new to riding and found this deal online, i was wondering if it's worth it even though i wont have my full license until May 2010. The guy is willing to part with it for 2500$ Canadien and it is in perfect condition with 11,000 Km on it. There is barley a scratch on it.

He is also willing to store it for me all winter. Should i jump on this or wait for a better deal ?

Lemme know guys !


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Ditto what Bpro said, it seems to be a decent price for an all-around good bike. Yea, it's a 600, but it's not quite as wild as the current 600s. The only thing I'd be a little leery about is the mileage - less than 7,000 miles over the past 11 years. In some ways sitting is harder on a vehicle than being used. If those miles were relatively evenly spaced out it would be a lot better than if it was all in the first year and then it sat unused for the next 10...
Im glad that u mentioned that, is there anything that i would notice or should look for if the bike wasn’t driven for a while. And if it wasn’t used for long periods of time, how much would it cost to replace that part or parts?
Bone dry and/or rusty chain, rusty rotors. Compress the forks a few times and make sure they don't leave oil on the upper part of the forks (I'm pretty sure the YZF600 didn't have inverted forks). If they do, the fork seals are probably dried out and in need of replacement. Check clutch cable for smooth motion/no rust/dragging. Other than that, just obvious external signs of age. If it was kept inside, it's probably in decent shape, but you'll definitely want to replace the tires, change fluids, etc. Standard maintenance stuff.

Good luck. I've always liked the YZF.
Sounds like a really well cared for bike. Good luck.
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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