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Good clip ons?

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I want a pair of solid front pegs. Whenever I try to move from a light I always push my pegs up for some reason and it drives me nuts. So whats a good cheap pair of pegs? Sigh..more money to be spent on a non essential item. Ill never get a pipe at this rate. BTW I have an sv650 if it matters.
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You want rearsets not clip-ons. Clip ons are the 'handlebars'. Rearsets are not just pegs but entire replacements for the stock assembly. they feel better look tricker, crash MUCH better, and are adjustable. a more worthwhile buy imo than a pipe. But if i had an SV id want a pipe too. Theres alot out there to choose from so shop around a bit. If you want you can probly jsut replace the 'footpeg' part with a solid one. On most bieks you dont have to replace the entire rearset assembly if all you want a solid non-folding peg. Cost like 20 bucks apiece.
I think Lockhart Phillips makes solid pegs for the SV.
Not to be a dickhead, but I had the same problem when I first got my new bike and for the price of solid pegs or rearsets I learned to widen the arch of my legs on to the pegs and alliviated the problem that way.

Just my .02...
Most bike replacement for the pegs are not soild. Its just a replacement piece for style. I dunno maybe some bikes do have aftermarket ones. But if you really want something really phader said go with aftermarket ones. He's lowsided with his vortex and it saved his whole bike. Yet the rearset got mess up, but the key thing is that it saved his bike. It all depends where you want to spend you money. ON looks or protection.
I spend my money on both to be honest. I already have frame sliders on and bar end sliders. Sorry I said clip on, I wrote this real quick and didn't pay attention. Anyway, I just want solid pegs. It's not an issue of finding the pegs, its an issue of them moving when I try to put my feet up. It drives me nuts. It's a personal issue. If I thought it was something that would improve my riding by leaving it stock I wouldn't touch it. But it's just a personal decision. Anyway, who makes some good ones? Only thing anyone suggest so far was lockhart phillips.
Lockhart Phillips, for an SV65- 99-03' for Super pole v-360 solid pegs. your lookin about $60.00, a side, no big deal but if you want a a set of rear sets a good set, vertex and attack both make good sets but your lookin at $500.00, but MadChild said it "It all depends where you want to spend you money. ON looks or protection." let me know i'll give you the part numbers.
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