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Ok, so I'm going to start my next project with my R6s. I'm going to replace the seat and the under tail with carbon fiber parts. The parts can be found here, MacMoto OEM Seat - OPPRACING Products the other is like this MacMoto Antidraft for OEM Solo Seat Superbike Tail (without Tail Lights) - OPPRACING Products, but I'll be getting the one with pre-cut tail lights. I emailed OPP to ask if it will come ready for attachment, pre-cut holes for pins and screws. The other question I asked them about was if there will be holes cut for a fender eliminator kit license plate attachment. Has anyone had any experience with these?

Additionally, I found a video that removes the tail of an 09 R6,
. How much different will it be for the R6s?

Thanks in advance!
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