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Givi top case on passenger seat.

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After reading about thumpertwin's expanded cargo capacity project I got thinking about it myself for those times when I really want to ride the bike to the grocery store, run errands, or stay someplace out of town overnight with a change of clothes.

Thread here :

For you SS riders that don't have luggage mount products available yet would like the versatility read on about my latest project.

I really liked the Givi product line (as overpriced as it is), but after a smoking deal on ebay came up for a used E45 basic case and universal mount plate for around 160 shipped I struck while the iron was hot.

Now my main priority is to not have big hulking mount rails permanently sticking out of the tail section. This is also evident in my fabricated GPS mount in my signature link where it pops out with a quick-release skewer. My solution was to use the rear seat attachment points and a spare pillion cover or rear seat brackets.

I got a crashed pillion cover off ebay for around $30 shipped but after several hours of building up nylon spacers and mounting it to the Givi mount plate I realized it was only engineered for a two pound piece of plastic and much too flimsy.

I took my passenger seat, removed the staples and took off the cover and foam pad then mounted the plate to it. I had to make a few minor modifications to make it fit very snugly by putting a layer of epoxy on the plastic tongue that slides under the aluminum loop of the tailbox. This was to make the rear rubber bumpers fit closer. I also shimmed the two grommeted washers up at the locking side with some additional washers to keep the case from having any wobble.

Instead of just falling into the locked position, you need to hold down some pressure, and do the same to release it, but when you grab the case and wiggle it you see the the entire tail section move, not just the case wobbling on the stock seat mounts.

Too bad we've had so much snow here in SLC, I want to test it out on the freeway to make sure it fares up.


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The pics on the bike were with the pillion cover brackets initially, and not the rear seat bracket.
Whoa, are you delivering pizza or Chinese?
Plenty of cargo space there. I'd be a little worried about the elements getting in but that depends on where and when you ride I guess. Nice job!
^ actually with the rear seat plastic it does cover it fairly well - the pics of the case on the bike were with the trial run of the plastic cover brackets that were shimmed up with nylon spacers. The Givi plate also has a plastic insert cover that covers up the grill holes on it as well.


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Is it ugly? Well, of course. It's like sticking a luggage rack on the back of a Corvette (like the C3's and C4 verts).

However, unlike those racks, this is extremely useful. And like you said, it'd be a "highway/interstate item" that'd be replaced with a seat or cowl once you've reached your destination and want to go out to hit the fun roads.

It's hard to beat that kind of convenience. Nicely done.
How secure does that setup feel? I'm seriously considering something like that for my 04 R1. I have a Givi 52 liter topcase gathering dust, and I'd love to use it for some sport touring help.

In your final setup, what exactly is the adapter plate attached to? I thought it was just a stock rear seat, but its tough to tell in some of the pictures. My main concern is the seat being too flimsy and flexing in turns, acceleration, etc.
Take the padding off the stock rear seat, then shim up the mount points so it fits snugly. The top pic in post #5 - thats what it looks like before the cosmetic cover is on.

I've had it out for hours, averaging 80mph plus, and had it over 130-140. Its passed the quick test - I've yet to have it out for a long ride.
Thanks for this! I was just thinking of doing something very similar on my K7 600. I was debating using pillion cover brackets, or a whole seat section. You answered my question for me. Excellent thread!
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