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Girls, have you ever............

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experienced, or are capable of what is commenly known as "squirting"? This ability is a facsinating phenomenon to me. I had once said the first girl that did that with me I would marry, but I lied.
It also makes me a little jealous that us guys are not able to achieve this in the same manner, and in as many consecutive times.
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ok I am more of the gusher/ drizzle out type--not squirting--according to that website. It doesn't happen every time but it happens a lot depending on the person I am with--the more turned on I am--the more the flood gates open!! ;)
Ibleedgreen said:
Ooooooo...................**takes mental note and visual, and scurries back to "Cubby Hole"**......................

As you explain it the way it happens for you, is that it is not an ejaculation of sorts, but more of a "flooding" of your female fluids?

LOL I suppose but according to the website link above--that's what category I am in--like i said it only happens if I am very turned on by the guy...even before he touches me!!!!!!!!!!!!! :2fingers
japbike said:
the big"O"?? I want to have the big "O"... :a2 ok, no more of me in this thread, it's just depressing... I'm "O"less... or have no "g-spot"..

Woman--you can create your own "O" :D I know you know about that one!!! LOL Most women do!!!
japbike said:
HA! no, no I can't. Iv'e tried and tried and tried, till I just couldn't try any more. I have no " g-spot", or I cant turn myself on... either way, one day, someone will find it.... **praying someday is soon!!****
I know from reading your thread in the cubby hole--there's plenty of guys who would love to help you!! :2fingers
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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