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Girls, have you ever............

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experienced, or are capable of what is commenly known as "squirting"? This ability is a facsinating phenomenon to me. I had once said the first girl that did that with me I would marry, but I lied.
It also makes me a little jealous that us guys are not able to achieve this in the same manner, and in as many consecutive times.
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Well, no I haven't.. HECK! I haven't even had "aftershock"... :a2 :a2 Damn thses grils that get have all the fun.... ;)
Ibleedgreen said:
The multiple "O" is more commonly found in women, more than squirting.
Lucky husband.

Lucky husband?!?! Lucky HER!!! **I'm going to go sit in my corner now**
TK5028 said:
Don't give up japbike, try here. www:// There main goal is to teach how to "squirt" We got one of their videos and it seems to be working. Wifey has not made it there yet but is close.

They have a lot of useful info about health.

A good friend says she can but, she needs a little finger stimulation in the A$$ for it to happen.

Well, to do it myself is rather boring, so I'll have to wait. And at my age, you would think that it would of happend by now! sheeeeesh!!.. ha! ha!
the big"O"?? I want to have the big "O"... :a2 ok, no more of me in this thread, it's just depressing... I'm "O"less... or have no "g-spot"..
RSixxygrl said:
Woman--you can create your own "O" :D I know you know about that one!!! LOL Most women do!!!

HA! no, no I can't. Iv'e tried and tried and tried, till I just couldn't try any more. I have no " g-spot", or I cant turn myself on... either way, one day, someone will find it.... **praying someday is soon!!****
RSixxygrl said:
I know from reading your thread in the cubby hole--there's plenty of guys who would love to help you!! :2fingers

not the one I want.. ;) hahahaha
1 - 6 of 38 Posts
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