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Getting a TT600

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I'm getting a 2000 TT600 in the next week or so. Should be a really good bike (good shape, low miles, etc.). I used to work at a Triumph dealership as a salesman, but that was back in '98 before the TT came out. Is there anything I should know about them that's unique to the bike? I'm coming off my '03 zx636 that for financial reasons I've got to sell to get some extra money out of.
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I would say to make sure it hase the latest tune (you'd know about that from the dealership). other than that... nothing major.

I think there is still a but I could be wrong
The TT600 was the most oversquare of the 600cc Inline-fours. Meaning, they really lack midrange and low-end, and they really shreik up top. I've heard that, although not as fast as the Japanese bikes, they handle and brake very well, as most Triumphs do.

The latest fuel mapping is imperative to have. The '00 models had some of the worst fuel-injection tuning in motorcycle history, nearly as bad as the FI tuning on my '97 Speed Triple. Dead spots and stuttering are the par for the course with the early maps. The newest ones will smooth out power delivery to quite respectable levels.

You'll enjoy the bike. I've always wanted a Speed Four, and both the S4 and TT600s can be had for a song nowadays. Maybe someday, if I take up track riding...
Thanks for the feedback, guys. The seller of the bike said that it did get the most recent factory download and runs great. So I guess I should be OK. I'll try to put some pics up when I get it. It's the yellow/black scheme.
You might want to consider a speed four. It's a naked TT600 with a different cam that gives more low end power. The triumph dealer in Halifax MA has a 2005 with 0 miles on ebay for $5700. You can find used ones with low miles and in good shape for about $3500-4500.
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