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Gericke Leather?

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Well I have been shopping around on and I have come across so many leather jackets/pants from Gericke on closeout. Are they worth buying or are they considered one of the cheaper brands? Any info on this company will help me outt!

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generally percieved as a good brand - i purchased a gericke jacket from motorcyclecloseouts and i'm loving it. their armor is/was one of the best around. they used to be hein gericke, then changed to just gericke.
f3cbr600 said:
I have a Gericke Urban Warrior (with Speed hump) and it's great. Never crash tested but the leather feels good once broken in and it's got CE armor. Can't go wrong man if you got a deal.

tested mine! burned through a portion of the design leather - the extra piece sown unto the jacket leather - on the right back shoulder. however after a FEW spills that is the worst of it.
i'll comment a little more. gericke makes tall sizes as well - an almost custom fit from an of the rack jacket
Napalm said:
Gericke is good. Tested out my urban warrior leather in a lowside, barely a mark on the jacket and not a scratch on me.

Only problem that I have seen is that the zipper pull is lightweight and it broke off after only a couple of months. It's nothing a pair of pliers and some wire didn't fix, just a hassle.

jacket is guaranteed for 10yrs. send it back in the off-season [if they pay for postage]
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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