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Georgia's not too bad. I'm heading to Kennesaw next weekend as I always top off Labor Day with a visit to the relatives.

Atlanta is okay, but my impression of the city was that it was kind of cramped, but some folks might like that. If I lived there, I'd prefer the 'burbs. The housing is waaaay affordable compared to Los Angeles and the traffic is easy....again compared to Los Angeles. From what I saw, there were some decent public schools in the 'burbs...didn't really investigate the ones in the city.

The roads are open (away from the city), albeit I think perhaps GA has too many trees and bushes for the fuzz to hide in and jump out at you. Lots of souped up Mustangs and kids driving them....but I saw plenty of bikers there too.

Anyway, if you take the job, you can find what you're looking for in the suburbs....good luck!
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