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Crankshaft said:
Do they have a very large selection?
No they dont.They will measure you for the jacket and order it for you.They pay for the shipping as do most dealers when you order something and if it doesnt fit right or something you dont have to buy it.These are very trustworthy people and I will definately do more business with them in the future.This dealership has been in business for something like thirty five years.Neds used to sell Bsas back in the day along with Bmw.They only sell Moto Guzzis now.This is an old school dealership that gives you free soda and popcorn when you walk in and they even have a parkbench outside for socializing with the other riders that show up.This is a very laid back atmosphere they provide there is no pressure to sell you something and they provide awesome conversation.This dealership is by far the best I have ever been to.The way I see things dealerships like Struthers Sisters (no afense ladies) and most but not all of the other dealers in Iowa have alot to learn to be highly regarded like Neds in Riverside.I buy the dealership as much as I buy the machine. If you have the machine I want but I dont like you Ill walk away and try filling my void somewhere else or with something else.Check Neds out its worth the drive.Now only if I could love a Moto Guzzi everything would be perfect.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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