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Making another Gap outing the weekend of Sep. 11-13. Posted a few weeks ago with little or no didn't get much interest.

I am a Gap area veteran with 15 years of riding in ETN / WNC & NGA. Looking for a few experienced sport bike riders that can ride "The Pace" staying within your limits but pushing pretty hard, no stunting or passing other riders in the group without a wave-by (except wheelies of course). I've ridden with plenty of WERA racers on the streets, the pace will be at the level of those responsible racers who also street ride.

We "slow down in town" or in any congested areas. Not looking to cover the gap itself for more than a complementary pass through. These rides are not without risk of tickets. Nothing against lesser or inexperienced riders, just would like to recruit a small group that can keep it pretty tight without pulling off at every T or Y in the route and know common hand signals for group rides.

I'm from Nashville and currently just me and a buddy from IL on his FZ1 are locked in and will be at the Fontana camp ground for the weekend. If your interested feel free to post!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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