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Walter Wolf specifics

The WW was only exported to Canada, Walter Wolf's home country. Actually he was Austrian born but his family moved to Canada (where he made his fortune) when he was a young man. The Canada production run consisted of 980 RG500's. There were 800 blue and white, 80 black and white and 100 WW's. They were the last ones shipped designated by the VIN series ending with 883 to 982. All were imported as 1986 models although some were not sold until late that year and may be registered as 1987's. Walter Wolf Gammas were built to commemorate the factory RG racers that were sponsored by Wolf in the early 1980's.

The Japan market had 5 different paint styles for the WW, 3 dark blue and 2 silver. The best looking one was the type sent to Canada. All Japan RG's were restricted horsepower models. The Canada Wolfs were the only ones produced with full 95hp as were most export Gamma's. The WW was the only factory produced and supported race replica RG500. The Heron/Dream Machine editions issued in Pepsi/Skoal colors were resprays commissioned by the U.K. importer.

If you have questions about the Walter Wolf edition Gammas, you may want to contact Rick Lance. When I visited him last year, he had 4 of them including 980 and 981, (consecutive VIN's) and the only complete new in package set of factory bodywork in existence! I believe he has one pictured on his Parking Lot page.

The Canada RG500's were all identical (black, blue and WW) with the exception of paint and graphics.

All Canada and all Japan RG's came with long stalk and small head mirrors. The German models came with long stalk and large head mirrors. U.K. models came with no stalk and large head mirrors. I believe the French models had Japan style mirrors but were tinted.

The white, red and dark blue models (standard, not WW) were only sold in Japan and were the first to be issued to the public.

Japan did have their own production of RG500's in various colors. RG400's were about 20 times more common due to restrictive license laws limiting the number of over 400 cc qualified drivers to less than 10% of the riding population.

All Japan RG's have the split temp/gas gauge and 180kmh clocks. All were restricted output (59hp 400 and 68hp 500) primarily through choked exhaust.

All 5 Japan WW's had the Wolf gauges with dark blue faces. The Canada models used the standard spec gauge set from the G model (no interest in unique Wolf faced 260kph speedo and temp gauge for only 100 Canada WW's).

Japan had 400's and 500's. The Canada style has the big triangle pattern in red on the side. Japan had this one as well with the integrated front turn signals and relocated Suzuki on the headlight cowling rather than the top of the side panels. The Suzuki logo had to be moved on the Canada bike to make room for the front stalk type signal required by DOT.

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