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The Gaerne GP-1 boots were a huge hit for Black Friday, and as a result we only have a few left. You can still get yours at the blowout price of $199 shipped in the lower 48 states! (MSRP $449.95) They are still available in both black and white, but only in the following sizes: 10 (Euro 44.5) & 11 (Euro 46)

Gaerne GP-1 Road Racing Boots offer an innovative protection system for your feet. They’re designed to compliment your lower extremities’ natural range of movement while preventing over-extension and the subsequent injuries from the powerful forces that often come when falling off a motorcycle at speed. Made in Italy, these boots are assembled with a Lorica upper that won’t stretch over time while also being highly resistant to abrasion, water resistant and more breathable than conventional leather. A large polyurethane armor plate is at the front of each shin and the same material is used to surround the heel in a tough shell. These two units are linked by a carbon composite skeleton that is used to impart an extra degree of lateral rigidity in the interest of safety. Should these boots be called into duty, the magnesium sliders for the toe and heel, along with the shin plate, can easily be replaced to keep your boots not only looking new, but also as protective as possible. Inside each boot, a comfortable mesh lining is used which molds itself to your foot quickly so it won’t shift around within. A comfortable, anatomically-shaped inner sole has built-in shock absorbing material to dampen vibration and increase your comfort on the bike. Gaerne developed these boots with input from riders like Aleix Espargaró with the intention of providing a highly protective, yet very comfortable place for your feet to reside. You’ll quickly notice that they’ve realized these goals the first time you ride with these boots on your feet!

For more information and expert sizing assistance, call Brad at 866.931.6644 ext. 810. You can also email us, send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with GAERNE GP-1 BOOTS in the subject line and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Gaerne’s floating system allows the foot to move naturally while preventing hyperextension, twisting and compression injuries. For those of you that have lost your footing suddenly and whacked your foot hard against the footpeg, the extra armor on the shin and the full length of the calve will be a welcome site.

Gaerne GP-1 Racing Boots in white.

A shock absorbing heel cup surrounds the heel in an armored fortress that not only absorbs impact energy, but also includes a low-friction magnesium slider element.

There’s also a micro adjustable ratcheting system on the outer side of each boot to permit a fine degree of tuning. You’ll be able to fit each boot against your legs perfectly.

A full-length zipper is secreted behind a rubber gasket on the inner side of each boot. This opens the top up very wide, making it easy to get your foot in, or out of the boot. The rubber material also helps you grip your foot against the motorcycle.
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