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I have a 99' FZR 600. I have had it for about a month now. When I first got it it started fine every time no problems, with the choke all the way up it would rev and stay at about 4k rpms. I could give it some gas and it would go up to about 5 or 6. Then after about 2 weeks when I put the choke all the way up it wouldn't shoot up to 4k like it use to. It would sit at around 1-2 then work its way up to 4k. Then it got progressively worse started to stay at around 3k never get up to 4k. So I would give it some gas to get it up to 4k. Initially the rpm's would drop from 3k to about 1-2k for a few seconds as I gave it gas then go up to 4k then it would hold at 4k. Didn't know if this was a problem bike still rode fine and started up everytime.

So about 2 weeks ago I dropped the bike on its side at a stand still. Berly and damage was done to the bike, just a few scratches to the clutch cover very minor and I had the bike up on its side 10 seconds later. I pull the bike back into my garage and I go on vacation for a week. I get back from my vacation and I haven't started the bike in about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks now. So I assume it will be hard to start it. To my suprise it starts up first time. So I walk away from the bike to get my helmet and I come back and it dies on me. This is where the problem starts. From then on I can't get the bike to start.

I figured it might be a dead battery from not being run for 2 weeks. I take it out and charge it, it was close to being dead. So now the battery is freshly charged and I thought my problems were over, but it still won't start. The sound the engine makes when you first turn the key on a fzr 600 of the fuel line cleaning out use to last about 3 seconds. Now it lasts about 5-8 seconds and is much louder. And even when I try and start the engine it will make the noise of the fuel line cleaning out every time for about 5-8 seconds. It never use to do this when I tried to start the engine. Only when I first turned the key.

My next guess is to check the spark plugs because the battery is ruled out. It just doesn't make sense to me that it would start up the first time but not again after that. Any ideas on what might be the problem with it not start and wit the funky choke/warming up issues with the rpm's dropping.

Would it be a bad idea to change the idle speed a bit higher to try and get it to hold some rpm's when I first start it?

Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.
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