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Ok So I have been riding the FZ6 since 2005 I had bought one brandnew and put 36k trouble free miles on it and decided to sell it. Well I decided it was time to start riding again so I found a 06 model with 11k miles on it and in decent shape, well not long after I got it the motor started making a loud clattering noise! I decided to tear into it and see whats wrong well I found some chunks of aluminum in the oil pan so I decided I'd just swap the motor out! Well I had a hard time finding a Fz6 motor localy but I found a few r6s motors I scooped one up for 700 with the harness, ecu, throttlebodies, a few fairings and a fender some frront rotors just a whole mess of parts!

Well the Fz6 motor came out quick and easy like 3 mounts on the side of the motor and 2 on the back side! So with both motors on the ground I decided to compare them! The r6 motor has a few extra side mounts but the ones for the Fz6 are in the correct location! So I went to start bolting in the motor I ran into a few issues the lower rear mount went in perfectly but the upper rear mount was to tight like a 1/16th of a inch so I shaved down the frame to get the clearance needed evenly on both side ofcourse! The left front mount closest to the radiator the bolt hole sticking out of the block was to far out like 1/8inch so I shaved it down fit like a glove! So I retained the Fz6 fuel setup and throttle bodies as the r6 has a return style regulator and the fz6 tank does not!

The clutch cover is different I still have to swap those around I will come back to that!

The timing cover and rotor were also swapped out for the Fz6 unit. The conector is different and the rotor is also different!

I also used the Fz6 ignition coils as they work awesome and I have heard of issues with the R6 coils!

So far I have not rode it yet but I am sure I will have to do some tuning and what not I have to to find the header o-rings for the exhaust and a few other things I hope to get a test ride by the end of the week!

This is the video of what the motor sounded like when it decided to take a crap on me!


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