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Troubl said:
Hey Byron, I'm bit confused about this. Does this mean the NakedBike-Lite class has been renamed the FZ6 Racing series, or are they adding a new series with just FZ6's, or what? If they are doing both the NakedBike-Lite AND an FZ6 series, are you going to participate in both or just one of them or what?

And once again, I have to congratulate you on your outstanding job on the last one! :dblthumb

:banana Byron
#81 Australian NakedBike-Lite Championship

In the words of the series promoter "There will still be a NakedBike Lites series in 2007, there will be a lot of FZ6's in it!"

NakedLites will still run with the "unlimited/unrestricted" big bore nakedbikes. As will the FZ6 Cup. From what I have heard the FZ6 Cup bikes will get three races per round (there are 8 rounds in the 2007 series.) with the Nakedbikes/lites and will get one race alone, So they get four races per weekend and thats 32 races for the series in 2007. Im sort of thinking that if there are lots of FZ6' in 2007 that the NakedLites title will probably also go to a FZ6 mounted rider.

The FZ6 race alone will be great fun, only FZ6 on the track all on the same control tyre.

Extra news today is that the FZ6 Cup has been confirmed to run the "Pirelli SuperCorsa Pro" as a control tyre. (SC2 Front) & (SC3 Rear.) Only mods permitted should be close to the NakedLite rules Suspension internals/ rear shock relpacement, rearsets, chain pitch, accessory ECU (PowerCommander/Dobeck/Techlusion) exhuast system (Not that anyone makes header pipes.)

The aim of this series is to have a control class, that helps entry level races into the national series. It will be the most affordable class to compete in the national series.

One thing that worries me is not being able to run full race wets (when its wet that is) this should be considered a basic safety issue. Sending riders onto a wet race track on supersport tyres is going to be Chaos.

Anyone with a NakedLite machine shouldnt worry they still have a class next year.

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SpaceAce said:
So I wonder how we will get to see it here in the states.
Going to be televised on SBS in Australia (on speedweek)


The series will receive an extensive twenty hour TV package on the national free to air carrier SBS through the prime time Sunday afternoon Speedweek show, which is then repeated the following week on both the FOX Sports Speedweek and the very popular Inside Speed shows in their regular weeknight evening slots.

On top of this extensive national coverage the ASC series will be seen on free to air TV in New Zealand and Pay TV through out Europe.

While the Australian, European and New Zealand coverage is impressive on it own the largest potential audience for the series will come from Asia and the Pacific with the premier Superbike shows being beamed in to the Asia Pacific region on the ABC Satellite service.

In the Pacific basin the ASC will be available to be seen in the following countries, the Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, Samoa, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Nauru, New Caledonia. Nuie, Marianas, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futana.

In the highly populated Asian region the list of nations that receive the ABC Satellite service is extensive including Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Peoples Republic of China, East Timor, Federated States of Micronesia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Tibet, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Japan, Macua, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Republic of China (Taiwan), Thailand, Vietnam.

Each round of the series will receive 2.5 hours of delayed coverage which will be spread across all classes usually over two shows. In another first for the series the new for 2007 double header rounds at Winton and Queensland Raceways will have TV coverage on both Saturday and Sunday adding up to five (5) hours coverage for the weekend.

The electronic coverage of the ASC does not stop there, depending on who your mobile phone carrier is the Australian Superbike Championship shows can be seen on your mobile phone. Check with your carrier for availability.

So looks like even Borat will get to watch the FZ6 cup in Kazakhstan!

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jhelmuth said:
really aren't serious about that question - are you?

This is cool - but not anything that will attract any real money. It's a glorified-for-FZ6-owners race series.

I think it's great and cool (for those who can participate), but keep this in perspective and for what it is.

Sorry... this is not intended to rain on anyones parade. Just a voice of reality here.


Its already got some Fairing manufacturers to start making race glass for the FZ6. If the class works well, lets hope we get some more tasty parts for the FZ6. Even better Yamaha might put better suspension/brakes and give us the full '06/'07 spec engine. Come on Yamaha give us an R6 with out a fairing!!!!

I just hope that we can get some more young people into the sport with this class.

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krushchev said:
YouTube is too shitty quality wise

How about bittorrent or something.


If someone would record it, I would be willing to host it on my server for those that don't want to fool with bittorrent. I would be really interested in watching both the nakedlite and FZ6 Cup race.

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i wish someone would make a package that has new triple, clip-ons, fairing stay, new upper, maybe rearsets, and a seat cover that will let you slip around easier. or yamaha should get rid of the yzf600 and make a FZ6 and FZ6R with all that mentioned above (with cheap suspension on both of course). also an affordable after-market lower with a 5 gallon belly pan would be nice. essentially a budget race bike that broke kids can build up over time.

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You could always cut down the existing tripple and fit Blackbird clip-ons as they fit the forks and don't hit the tank. And next years bike will have the R6 brakes.

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the human bike-rack
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"Racing on a Shoestring

Are you interested in road racing but put off by the high costs involved? Yamaha Motor Australia has fixed this problem with the introduction of the FZ6 Cup.

The FZ6 Cup allows you to go racing at a fraction of the normal cost. Just $7500 will secure a race ready 2007 model FZ6N, all entry fees and a fresh set of control tyres for each round of the YMF Loan Australian Superbike Series. The entry fees and tyre fees alone are over $4700 in costs that are all taken care of in the $7500 sign on fee for the whole 2007 ASC FZ6 Cup series.

All you have to do is get yourself and your bike to the race meeting and go racing. Contact a participating Yamaha dealer and ask how you can be involved and for the full details and conditions to take part in this great racing opportunity.

So you can go racing in a prestigious national championship series in front of a national road race audience and potentially receive television coverage for your sponsors and supporters as well. Each round of the FZ6 Cup will receive coverage on both SBS Speedweek and FOX Sports shows. The FZ6 Cup is open to all grades of rider holding a current MA National road race licence.

"Yamaha is pleased to offer this race class to riders who would not normally have the budget to go racing as well as to the young and upcoming stars of tomorrow. We see this as an important first step on the ladder to riders who may turn out to be the next Corser, Bayliss or Curtain... or even a class that attracts experienced riders with limited funds," says YMA Director and General Manager Steven Cotterell.

"With a one off payment covering everything you need, YMA has made it easy to get involved. And with very similar spec machines we are sure both riders and spectators will enjoy some close racing over the season," he adds.

The units will be prepared similar to SuperStock race spec, although some minor additional modifications will be allowed. 30 units in total will be prepared, 10 of each colour (Midnight Black, Power Blue and Metallic Silver) on a first come first served basis, so order now while stocks last. The bikes will feature:

• Removal of road going equipment

• Fitment of a custom made fairing (similar to early FZ1) and custom single seat made by Racers Edge.

• GYTR alloy body race muffler and lead-in pipe.

• GYTR braided steel front brake hose set

• GYTR crash knob set

• Öhlins racing rear shock absorber

• Öhlins steering damper

• Öhlins front fork springs

• ValterMoto rear sets

• ValterMoto clip ons

The bike will be supplied to you from a participating Yamaha dealer on a loan basis. But the winner of the series will be able to keep his/her race bike. Servicing and parts are at rider cost and the one off $7500 fee is payable to Yamaha Motor Australia.

So don't miss out on this low cost opportunity to become involved in Australia's premier road race series!

Check out the website at for more info."

Okay so you get to hire a race bike for the series, but if you win you get to keep your bike. I do not understand how it would work if a privateer eg Byron wanted to enter a bike they already own?

Interesting concept just the same

cheers ....kimbo

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Okay so you get to hire a race bike for the series, but if you win you get to keep your bike. I do not understand how it would work if a privateer eg Byron wanted to enter a bike they already own?

If you follow your link, all the specs are in there

the human bike-rack
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ah I see now

"2007 FZ6 Cup Eligibility & Techical Rules.

2007 YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship
Eligibility and Technical Class Rules


Open to all ADR complied Yamaha FZ6 models (not FZ 600 Fazer) manufactured between 2004 and 2007


§ If a modification or change of part is not covered in these rules, then the change of part or modification is not allowed.


§ Std OEM per model


§ No modifications

§ Std OEM per model and year


§ Std OEM per model and year


§ Std OEM per model and year

§ Heavy duty springs can be fitted


§ External gearing and chain pitch can be changed or altered


§ Std OEM per model and year


§ Std OEM per model and year

§ Air filter can be changed to aftermarket item but must be fitted and fully operational


§ Spark plugs are free

§ Std OEM per model and year Wiring loom.

§ The wiring harness can not be modified. The harness can be reduced in size only by unplugging cabling / wiring at factory original plug points.


§ Std OEM headers and collector per model and year.

§ Muffler and tail pipe(s) can be changed or altered


§ Std OEM per model and year


§ Standard OEM per model & year.

§ Repairs are allowed if required.

§ Must have original factory fitted compliance plate.

§ SUB FRAME - Original profile must be maintained if repaired or replaced.

§ SWINGARM - OEM model & year. No alterations allowed apart from rear stand mounting lugs and lower chain guard as required in the M.A GCR’s.

§ Any sharp edges left by the removal of components must be protected by a rolled edge or beading of minimum 3mm diameter.


§ Rear - Ride height adjuster optional.

§ Shock absorber manufacturer & length optional.

§ Link arm rods and Link; Std OEM per model and year no modifications allowed.

§ Front - standard OEM per model tubes. Standard OEM per model sliders. All other internals optional.


§ Standard OEM per model & year calipers.

§ Disc’s Standard OEM per model and year

§ Master cylinders OEM per model and year

§ Pads and Brake Lines manufacturer optional.


§ Standard OEM per model and year.


§ OEM shape per model.

§ Aftermarket OEM replica per model Bikini and seat may be fitted.

§ No carbon fibre unless standard original OEM per model and year part.

§ Seat unit may be modified to be single seat unit.

§ Bikini Farings may be removed


§ Standard OEM per model and year. No metal added or removed. No modifications allowed.

§ Standard OEM per model fuel cap retained and operational. No modifications allowed.


§ As per 2007 GCR’s


As per the relevant and specific FZ6 Cup Control tyre rules in the 2007 YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship Series Supplementary Regulations.

As per NakedBike-Lites rules ‘Wet weather tyres’ can be fitted if the Clerk of Course calls the race meeting or race ‘WET’.


§ Foot pegs.

§ Gear levers.

§ Foot peg brackets.

§ Handlebars.

§ Steering dampers

Fuel Injection Control Device

§ Frame savers


§ No Speed shifters.

§ No titanium or carbon fibre, unless standard original OEM part for that model and year or as a tail pipe or muffler wrap


§ Lanyard cut out switch. Lanyard = Kill switch that is operated and connected to the rider by a cord or cable.


§ Rear mudguards.

§ Inner guards.

§ Thermo fans.

§ Any pollution gear and or anti-icing gear.

§ Any other road gear that will not affect the safety, structural or visual integrity of the motorcycle.


§ Headlamp/Tail lamp/Reflectors

§ Pillion pegs

§ Horns/Traffic indicators/Rear vision mirrors

§ Centre and side stands

§ Registration plate/label holder


§ Please Note:

§ OEM = Original Equipment of Manufacturer (not year or model specific)

§ OEM + per Model = OEM for that model (not year specific.)

§ OEM + per Model and Year = OEM for that model and particular year

§ Unless otherwise stipulated the above three definitions do not allow any modifications

These rules and regulations for the 2007 FZ6 Cup are the intellectual Copyright © owned property of Formula Xtreme Pty Ltd. All rights reserved."

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NakedLite#81f said:
Its already got some Fairing manufacturers to start making race glass for the FZ6. If the class works well, lets hope we get some more tasty parts for the FZ6. Even better Yamaha might put better suspension/brakes and give us the full '06/'07 spec engine. Come on Yamaha give us an R6 with out a fairing!!!!

I just hope that we can get some more young people into the sport with this class.
Hi Byron...
I'm from Italy.
Can you give me a link to the manufacturers that produce and/or sell race fairings for the FZ6? I've dropped a line to RacersEdge but i still haven't an answer...
I'm looking for a track fairing, 'cause i don't want to risk my OEM fairings and head lights like it happened to me on October... and i was also wondering if a R6 2003/2004 race fairing would fit our bike.

As far as now i've equipped my FZ6 with R6 front fork [with WP internal pistons and springs] and front calipers, Ohlins rear shock absorber, braided hoses, BMC air filter, PC3usb and Leovince Carbon Exhaust [and a straight pipe instead of catalyzator...], and i need some track-day fairing... :)

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i really want them to recreate the full FZ1 seat. i want the corbin smuggler trunk :drool

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So does anyone yet know if the 07 fairings fit the 04-06 bikes?? Thinking the racers edge raceglass might fit an older (read: more affordable) model :)


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Sorry for the necro.
New member and I used the search function.

I have recently bought an ex Cup bike. Its been upgraded since with an R6 front end and a YSS rear shock and Clip on's

The race glass is looking tired. Would there happen to be any ex racers on this thread who may have a spare set of glass they might want to part with?

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