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Yeah it's fast...
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I have some items that I dont need, if you are interested let me know and I will give a price.
Turnsignals, I have all four for sale.
Swingarm with a used but still good set of bearings installed.
Red taillight lens.
Front and rear brake lines.
04 Silver gastank with two dents, one on top by gascap(caused the paint to chip, and a small one in the "crotch" area.
Stock handlebar, excellant shape.
Stock chain setup(16/46 530)

I also have a set of 05 R1 mufflers that I dont need.
I am willing to sell all items for a very very fair price. Or I can trade for: 05 silver left side signal cowling, 05 silver grab bars.
email me at or PM me.

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What do you want for the Arrow Cat Elimiator Pipe? I maybe interested.
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