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FZ6 dropping idle RPM, won"t rev, no power, stalling, unridable, please help

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Hello, This is my first yamaha motorcycle, bought it about a month ago, everything was great until one day was going home from work (everyday commute) and still everything was fine, came home, shut the bike off.
However, after an hour or so, I wanted to go for a ride, the bike started, but the RPMs started dropping until 650 when the bike stalls. Tried again, same thing, starts at 1250 then starts dropping when it eventually stalls. after it warms up it won"t start at all. when cold it will take a bit of throttle and raise the RPMs to maybe 3000 but anything more than that it bogs and stalls so the bike is unridable. I don"t know even where to start beacuse all the TPS issues are similiar what I have at idle but no one complained about a bike not having power and stalling under throttle. my TPS values in Diagnostic mode are 17 and 101 so I guess it"s fine? Is it possible it is just the TPS issue? Anyway, I want to fix it, but don"t know where to start since I didn"t see anyone with the same problem as I. Please help.
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Start with the easy and simple things first. You could just have an air leak or vacuum leak. Look for hoses loose, throttle body boots loose, clogged filters, fuel and air, crimped hoses, etc.

Have you don't anything to the bike recently?
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