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FZ For Sale

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Hey guys, looks like I have a FZ for sale.

Before everyone asked why, just found out about a month ago that my wife is excepting our secong child. (I could not be happier about that)

I have been stressing over this decision since then. I will be adding on to the house this winter, if not buying something b*****. And for those of you who have not seen any of my post with pictures of my 67 Camaro, that is my other toy, and if anything has to go it is not going to be the car.

I just am not going to have time to enjoy the bike, even now with one child and going to car shows and events, I have not had time to to ride the bike like I thought I would. Most of my riding has been to and from work (5 miles each way). Just doesn't make since to me to keep the bike at this time.

Well enough about me, here is the deal on the bike.
First let me say that the pictures below where taken 8-01-04, and I didn't do any extra cleaning before taking them. I am kind of anal about keeping all my vechiles clean.
The bike has always been garage keep, and cleaned after every ride. I even take 10 minutes after work each day and go over the entire bike with Plexis and Quick Detail.
It has been rained on only once, while on a weekend trip to West Virginia.

Here is what I have added, and what goes with the bike...

Givi 52 litre hard case with built in brake like ( Case pops in in 2 seconds and leaves nice rack when not needed) Will hold two full face helmets.

Power Commander


Puig Double bubble (Dark smoke)

Yamaha tall touring screen

Gel inserts, driver and pasenger, original foam was carved out leaving no lumps to look at (See pics below)

Billet oil fill cap (Yamaha)

Tank protector

Bike cover

Bike has 2800 miles, a 1000 was put on it the first 10 days for brake in and 600 on a weekend trip to West Virginia.

I can only post five pics here, but I will e-mail more if needed...

All maintenance and oil changes have been done on time.
Actually oil was done at 200, 600, 1000, getting ready for the next one at 3000.

I will sell the bike with everything above included, or I may sell it less the power commander and Givi set up if anyone is interested. I should be able to sell both of those on the forum if needed.

I know most everyone here already has a FZ, but maybe you have a buddy who is looking, I am going to give it here a week a so here before putting it in the local cycle trader....

Anyone interested can email me at [email protected] or call me at work @ 757-569-4894
I guess the price will depend on what accesiores the buyer wants.

I can only post five pics here but I can e-mail more if anyone needs to see more of the bike, motor, pipes, etc...


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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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