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One for the oldies, I logged into this as it's been advised as one of the best fix me out forums. The problem is, my bike is not a superbike, well it is, but not a race rep.
I own a 55 plate Suzuki VL1500 C90 Boulevard, she is immaculate and will hopefully allow me to continue riding (Epilepsy) by slowing me down.
She has been parked in the garage for few months without being turned over or the engine running. Now even with my booster I cannot get her to start up. Going through the manual it tells me to check the fuses as normally its the main fuse that goes before anything. I'm not a mech tech or anything so as a novice, I cant even check the fuses because i cant find the bloody things.
Where is the fuses, the only panel I cant remove, is the panel on the lower left, just inside the gear selector and left foot plate, but thats because some numpty who designed the faffin thing done it so we cant get all the screws out, I've had the others off but looking for a large fuse box,:badmood cant someone tell me where the fuses are PLEASE. I gotta get the MOT done, and catch the good weather as it dont last too long up here in Jockland.:flare
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