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I had this dream the other night, and I don't know what to make of it. Pretty humorous though!

Inside my body all my organs were having a meeting and fighting over who should be in charge of my body.

The current ruler, my brain, stood up and said, "I should be in charge because I run all you other organs, without me you couldn't function."

My stomach stands up and says, "I think I should be in charge because I process the food and supply everyone with nutrition."

My heart takes the next stand, "I should be in charge because I pump blood to everyone bringing fresh oxygen."

Finally my rectum stands up," I think I should be in charge because I remove all the waste everybody creates."

The whole assembly laughs hysterically at the rectum. "You aren't important. You stink." and "You're a dumb ass!"

My rectum storms out of the convention infuriated. With all the excitement all the organs agree to put the decision on hold.

My rectum decides to show everyone else just how important he is. He clamps down just as tight as he can!

After a few days the Stomach is backed up and bloated. My blood is toxic making my Heart hurt. My brain is hypoxic and delirious with a lack a fresh oxygen, so my brain call another meeting.

Everybody agrees the rectum can be in charge if he'll just remove the waste so everybody can feel better.

And the moral of the story.... You don't have to be important to be in charge, just and asshole!
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