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If you’re looking to swap out your heavy, conventional battery for a lightweight lithium unit, a Full Spectrum Power is definitely a brand worth considering. In fact, their Pulse batteries have been so successful that FSP Pulse equipped bikes won all three AMA Pro SuperSport championships and the AMA Pro 450 Motocross championship in 2012. In addition to these championships, FSP batteries have also been racking up wins at the dragstrip, and have more professional drag racing wins than all other lightweight batteries combined.

Full Spectrum Power Pulse batteries use only the highest quality materials in their construction. This includes certified A123 Systems cells, which were specifically designed to offer maximum power in light, durable form. The cells, circuitry, and wiring is kept safe by a unique, patented outer case. Made using an ultra-tough material called Valox, the case is fire, water, and vibration resistant - unlike the standard ABS plastic used by so many others. FSP’s build quality even extends to the terminals, which are machined from solid brass.

With a premium quality materials, solid build quality, and a broad racing pedigree, Full Spectrum Power Pulse batteries make a great addition to any bike. You can get yours by getting in touch with Brad through the forum, or by calling 866.931.6644 ext. 810. If email is more convenient, feel free to send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM for a quick reply.

Full Spectrum Power produces their Pulse batteries in three sizes:

P1 - $129
P2 - $209
P3 - $289

Just let us know what bike you have and we'll get you the correct model. The P1 is shown here.

A balance charging port is standard on all Full Spectrum Power batteries.

Terminals machined from solid brass are very resistant to stripping.
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