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if you're just looking for power, it's a bloody big waste of money. red is a base line bog stock run. dark blue is with a US$1,300 full akropovic system. no other mods. went from 101 to 102.

"with a full exhaust and pc3(r) you can usually get 10+hp with them." ROFLMAFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a pc3 on order, we'll see if that'll gain me 9hp. even if it does, could have been done w/o the pipes.

having said all that, the whole system weighs less than the stock endcan, and i can feel a HUGE difference in handling. the bottom of the bike swings back and forth much easier, if that makes sense. and it looks the business
I thought power increases varies from bike to bike. For example according to Akrapovic's site there is a 5 hp increase on the 05 636 while an 8.5 increase on the 05 zx6rr.

I thought the real gain was in the torque curve as well as weight savings.
I know on my bike I dropped more than half the weight: from 22 lbs to 10 lbs. I've never dyno'd my bike but this is the chart from their site (hahaha yeah I know)


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So the fact that this thread is five years old means that no one will read it when I write - "A full exhaust is when you shit yourself while farting"

Too bad. Oh well, maybe someone will see it in another 5 years...

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They might search it and read it countless time between now and then.

I'll bump it up again in five years to see the thread viewed count. You might want to wipe off your swampass undertail before then. :lol
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